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Re: Best storage solution for us?

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Best storage solution for us?


Firstly my apologies for my english, I'm not from the U.S.

We want to renew our storage environment.
We currently have 4x HP Blade 460c Gen8 node containing Microsoft Hyper-V 2012.

1x HP MSA P2000 G3 SAS

A total of 25 Viruele servers including 2 domain controllers, 2 file servers, 2 Exchange servers, 3 terminal servers, 2 SQL servers, 2 web servers and some application servers.

However, we are trying to figure out what the best storage environment for us, we expect in the coming year a growth of about 20% on IT and Staff.

We are looking for a product that in the beginning only runs in one location but may expanded in the future to another location.

The product must be able to do replication in the future en must be scalable to large scale.

Is an MSA P2000, StoreVirutal, EVA or 3Par the best solution for us?

It's no problem if we have to upgrade to FC or something else.

Thanks for your comments!

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Re: Best storage solution for us?


Depending on size, MSA and StoreVirtual would be ideal?

However with the statement today 1 location but expansion in the future makes the StoreVirtual the ideal solution.

3PAR is also possible but the second 3PAR with Remote Copy and other licenses will make the solution more expensive. When you buy a StoreVirtual solution you can pick up half of the storage nodes and move them to the other location... No additional licenses needed. So check the prices on those 2...

EVA is EOL so no option anymore...




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