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Brocade Director 48000 - FOS: 6.4.3

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Brocade Director 48000 - FOS: 6.4.3

Hi There,


I got 2 fabrics of type 42.2 in my environment, Each Fabric has 5 switches.


from past 1 month, It observed that the all the switches are throwign the error messages as below;


1:-      2013/07/17-21:06:57, [FW-1436], 4779, SLOT 5 | FID 128, WARNING, LHRFCSW35D, Switch status change contributing factor Marginal ports: 1 marginal ports. (Port(s) 165(0xa5))


2:-   2013/07/04-21:17:57, [ZONE-1004], 4610, SLOT 5 | FID 128, INFO, LHRFCSW35D, port 39 (0x27) enforcement changed to Session Based HARD Zoning.



most of the ports are going into marginal for less than a minute and then turning into Healthy. Found nothing wrong with SFP's and cables.


since there are no such activities performed on the switches, why the enforced changes on HARD zoning is appeared?



Environment has all "HARD ZONING" Implementation.


FOS : 6.4.3

Not able to trace what is the issue , why these alerts are generating?


Can any one "HP-DOCTORS" help/assist me to trace and fix the issue?



Yours sincerely,





Re: Brocade Director 48000 - FOS: 6.4.3

FW-1436  is possibly happening because of the way the switch policy is setup. Use the "switchstatuspolicyshow" command to view the current policy parameters set for the switch. These policy parameters determine the number of failed or non-operational units allowed for each contributor before triggering a status change in the switch. For port-related contributors, the numbers are expressed as a percentage of physical ports present in the switch at any given time.


ZONE- 1004 is a fixed defect in 6.3.x, if they repeating then you can contact the techsupport for log analysis but these messages won't have any affect on IO's


Re: Brocade Director 48000 - FOS: 6.4.3

Hi Chris,


Please check the zoning to see if there is mixed zoning implemented.

Ensure that either PWWN or Ports are used for zoning and not both.


You can use the command "portzoneshow" to confirm what kind of zoning is used by each port.

Example output:
PORT: 3 (3)   F-Port Enforcement: SESSION BASED HARD defaultHard: 0 IFID: 0x43020011 

PORT: 8 (8)   F-Port Enforcement: HARD WWN defaultHard: 0 IFID: 0x4302000f


In above case Port 3 may have mixed zoning on other zones.


There is a known defect with ZONE 1004 message as highlighted previously by another member on this forum, that appears to have been fixed in  V6.3.2a or V6.4.0 and above.


Hope this is useful.


Thanks & Regards,


I work for HPE

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