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Command View Upgrade Need Help

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Command View Upgrade Need Help

we are currently running Command View EVA V9.03.00 Build 100811 and would like to go to the latest Command View.

I could not find the Command View 9.1 and 9.2 downloads, which I guess are needed in order to jump to the very latest 9.2 (T5494-10503)

Could you guys help me on this?



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Johan Guldmyr
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Re: Command View Upgrade Need Help


Command View EVA V9.03.00 is Command View 9.3.
For example Command View 9.0.1 is called V9.00.01 when you look in CV.

You are on the latest already :)

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Re: Command View Upgrade Need Help

Command View 9.03.00 is Command View 9.3, which is newer than 9.2 and 9.1.

That was the latest version when you posted this. Now we have Command view 9.4;




Regarding the upgrade, yo can install latest CV version regardless of what you have now, just uninstall current version and install latest.

Nothing is stored locally, Command View connects to the EVA and gets all information from there.

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Re: Command View Upgrade Need Help


So long as your CV is upto date, you can do an in place upgrade . It tells you there is a previous version, uninstalls and loads the latest one.