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Expand Array

I know this should be a simple task but I am struggling with it. I have an HP dl380 g4 server running Win 2003 server R2 SP2. Server has Smart Array 6i with (2) internal 72.8GB mirrored drives (C-drive). Also has (1) dynamic 610.5GB drive (E-drive) from MSA1000 through a Qlogic fiber channel adapter.
in ACU, select MSA1000 controller, shows parallel SCSI array A - 1 logical drive (610.5 GB, Raid 5) from (10) 72.8GB drives.
I have added (1) 72.8GB drive, and using ACU I have expanded the array, expanded logical drive. ACU under array A, now shows the original 610GB and also "unused space 74.6GB" and disk administrator in server still shows the original 610GB.
How do I make the new disk space available to the server?
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Re: Expand Array

Have a look at "diskpart" utility (built-in).

Hope this helps!

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