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How to identify SAN disk space in HPUX.


How to identify SAN disk space in HPUX.


I have to extend a file sytem and I dont have enough spaace in that VG. I requested for SAN space and I got an email like this from the storage guy.
"I have assigned 72GB SAN space to the server. The device ID is 0202.Please discover appropriately in the server and confirm"
This is an EMC symmetrix stoage box.
Now my question is how to identify this in the server(HP-UX 11.11) and extend my file system. I tried ioscan -fnC disk and that has not shown any IDs. I am looking for the sym* commands(like syminq) that can help me idnetify the SAN space in the /dev/dsk/cxtxdx format. (Thats why I am raising this in storage section). Please help.. Thanks in advance..
Víctor Cespón
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Re: How to identify SAN disk space in HPUX.

Well, look first in ioscan. Locate the storage controllers, like:

0/3/1/ sctl CLAIMED DEVICE HP HSV300

Under it you should have the LUNs presented

0/3/1/ sdisk CLAIMED DEVICE HP HSV300

If the device special files have not been created yet you can create them with the command insf.

J Peak
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Re: How to identify SAN disk space in HPUX.

The above poster's 'insf' command should do the discover for you.

At one time the command was 'insf -e' which installs the special files. ( do a man on it to make sure ) Then use your ioscan... make sure you don't include the "-k" option for ioscan as that will only re-read the kernel.

On the Symmetrix, make sure your Devices are presented to your disk directors ( symconfigure ) and that the masking is done to the Host device entry correctly ( symmask commands and symmask refresh to push the changes ).

If possible have EMC do this for you... it's a pain to do.