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RAID 5 array recover using "TRUST" command

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RAID 5 array recover using "TRUST" command

We had a issue with MSA 2000 storage.

Storage configured RAID 10 array and RAID 5 array. Two disk of RAID 5 shows as fail and array was fail due to that. RAID 10 had one disk failure and show as a critical. Hotspare disk also show as a fail disk.


Steps follow :

1). Replace the RAID 10 failed disk, RAID10 array rebuild itself.

2). Reseat the failed disks.

3). If the reseat not recognize the fail disk, add new disk and check the progress.

4). If RAID 5 not recognize the disk, remove the disk and insert the original disk.

5). Enable trust command.

6). Run the trust command.

7). It will rebuild your array, you can check the progress.

8). If its failed, you have  to recreate the RAID array.


Mention steps work with us, if  that kind of a failure occurs try out this and write your feedback.