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VLS 12000 and EVA 8400

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VLS 12000 and EVA 8400

We have a EVA 8400 with 110TB of storage and VLS 12000 with de-duplication and automigration features.


Can you use the EVA 8400 with VLS and SAN for additional storage for application?




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Johan Guldmyr
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Re: VLS 12000 and EVA 8400

Do you mean use the VLS to provision LUNs to other nodes than the VLS head nodes?

Isn't the EVA8400 isolated behind the VLS12000? Or are they in a SAN together?

Have you looked on the EVA8400 in Command View?

As far as I understood it, the VLS automatically configures the vdisks/LUNs etc on the EVA.