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server + data migration using continuous access

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server + data migration using continuous access

Hello Friends,
Following is a sceneario: Company has two datacenters: Ohio-datacenter & Michigan-datacenter.
datacenter in michigan will be shut down eventually.

Need to move servers and their applications from a michigan datacenter to ohio-datacenter. Windows and HP-UX servers

connected to XP and EVA arrays via brocade switches in both datacenters. Could you please tell me the action plan on

migrating servers with their applications using continuous Access from michigan datacenter to ohio datacenter and

ultimately add them to the existing fabric in ohio datacenter?.
My plan is as follows, please suggest if you know a better plan:

1) Create PVOLS on michigan datacenter server named "michiserv" using storage from local array.
2) Create SVOLS on ohio datacenter server named "ohioserv" using storage from local array using continuous access.
3) After sync is complete between the pvols and svols, split the SVOLS on "ohioserv" and configure them as PVOLS.
4) Physically move "michiserv" from michigan to ohio.
5) Allocate storage on michiserv from same array as ohioserv.
6) Configure SVOLS on michiserv.
7) Split the SVOL after sync and use as PVOLS.
8) Return storage on server ohioserv.

Please tell me if you know a better migration plan using continuous access.
I would appreciate if you could give me raid manager/HP-UX commands to follow this plan.

I appreicate your response.

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Re: server + data migration using continuous access



for HPUX it can be done without the CA, only by means of the LVM mirroring including EVAs, that could be connected as the XP external storages.


here we need CA PVOLs/SVOLs, for swapping the roles you can use the Raid manager (RM) tool (CLI)

Via the RM, you can save the time needed for additional full CA synch copies, because only the roles of PVOL/SVOL could be swapped and there is no need to split and recreate the pairs...
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