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REST API - Performance metrics

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REST API - Performance metrics

Hello and thank you in advance for all / any information you may have on this question.


I am building a dashboard to display important key data about our environment all in a single pane. I would like to include the IOPS graph that is displayed in the Performance view when I log in to my CS220. 

Does the Nimble REST API provide a way to pull that same data so I can display it on my dashboard?

I have looked at the URL below and did not find anything about performance https://infosight.hpe.com/InfoSight/media/cms/active/pubs_REST_API_Reference_xtt1487796955489.ditamap.whz/htr1449717097969.html

Thank you.

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Re: REST API - Performance metrics

There is currently no way to pull performance metrics.  I would recommend getting in touch with support and submitting a feature request.

Patrick Miller | Hewlett Packard Enterprise Employee
Solutions Architect – Storage & Hybrid IT

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