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Add iLO users via OneView scripts?


Add iLO users via OneView scripts?

I read the "solution" for this post:  http://community.hpe.com/t5/HPE-OneView/Is-there-an-iLO-script-to-automatically-add-users/td-p/6649520

I am not sure how it is solved as I cannot find any reference to using OA scripting in OneView to add iLO users.  I can see how OA users are added,  but not iLO.

I thought based on the previously mentioned post that maybe OA admins would automatically have admin access in iLO of the blade it manages,  I tested and this is not the case.

Since OneView creates an _HPOneViewAdmin Admin user account (sytem created pwd) in the iLO of all blades,  I would need the iLO accounts added via OneView because it has the rights to do it.    Otherwise I would need the default iLO admin password for each blade which defeats the purpose of this request.

The primary reason I want a custom iLO pwd added to all blades is to have a standard login/password that can be added to OneView for vCenter in the iLO credentials section.  This wouldn't be needed if OneView for vCenter just proxied through OneView to access the iLO.   Are global iLO credentials needed in OVVC if OneView is added to OVVC?




Re: Add iLO users via OneView scripts?

As I stated in the referenced discussion, you will need a RIBCL command added to either the Enclosure Group or Enclosure Configuration Script.  Here is a sample of adding a user to all iLO's in an enclosure:


hponcfg all << end_marker
   <LOGIN USER_LOGIN="doesnt" PASSWORD="matter">
      <USER_INFO MODE="write">
            <ADMIN_PRIV value ="N"/>
            <REMOTE_CONS_PRIV value ="Y"/>
            <RESET_SERVER_PRIV value ="N"/>
            <VIRTUAL_MEDIA_PRIV value ="N"/>            
            <CONFIG_ILO_PRIV value="Yes"/>

Please keep in mind that this only supports BL servers, and not DL's. We currently do not have a workaround or solution to supporting DL's at this time.


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Re: Add iLO users via OneView scripts?


Thanks for your patience.   How can I test using hponcfg to run this script without removing and re-adding a chassis to OneView?

I tried to download this: 

HP Lights-Out Online Configuration Utility for Windows

Which I assumed was the hponcfg utility but it won't install unless I am runnig it on a server with iLO.

Can I add the script just for the iLO User Add functionality to the OA Enclosure Settings->Configuration Scripts and then run or will this wipe out all of the other confguration settings?