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HP OneView questions

HPOV version - 6.10
HPOV Powershell module version is 610 (HPEOneView.610)

1. There is a need to add to the OV who is responsible for the servers and information about the services. I did it using Labels. But there is also a need to export this information  (servers, owners, services).
Get-OVServer does not display the value of the "Label" parameter. It is not a property of this object. But there is a "Description" in the properties that shows up in powershell, but I didn't find it in the web console.
Is it possible to export information about servers with the "Label" fields?
How can I make changes to the "Description" field in the server properties?
Can I see the value of the "Description" field in the Web interface?

2. I have configured HP OneView to integrate with AD. To prevent administrators from changing the domain from local to our domain in the authorization window, set our internal domain in HP Oneview by default.
But in this case, the ability to connect through Powershell to HP OneView is lost. Domain logins are not accepted in any case, and if we set our domain by default, then the local administrator will no longer be accepted via Powershell to.

I Use:

$ MyOneViewCredential = Get-Credential
Connect-OVMgmt -Hostname hpov.domain.ru -Credential $ MyOneViewCredential

Login tried to specify in the formats "domain \ login" and just "login" - does not accept.
Error: Connect-OVMgmt: Invalid username or password. Enter correct credentials and retry.

How do I specify the login and password of a domain user to connect to HPOV via Powershell?
If a domain other than "local" is assigned, how to connect by a local OV administrator through Powershell?

3. How to remove an AD group containing Cyrillic from HPOV?
When such a group is selected, the settings are not available and an error is displayed:
Unable to locate the item you requested.
The item you requested does not exist or is restricted by scope. It is possible that another user has deleted this item. Refresh this page or select a different item.
The problem was on HPOV 6.00, updated to 6.10, but the problem persists.


Re: HP OneView questions

1. Labels are not part of resources. They are an index resource. To programmatically get labels and associated resources, use Get-OV Label. You can then look at the Resources property for the associated resources. You can also provide the label resource with Cmdlets that have the -Label parameter.

2. Connect-OVMgmt fully supports external authentication directories. The domain you specify in the -Username field for Get-Credential must match a configured directory in OneView. Or you specify the -AuthLoginDomain parameter.

3. That is likely a bug within OneView. I would suggest you open a support case. You can then private message me the case ID.

I am an HPE employee

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