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HPE OneView for testing purpose

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HPE OneView for testing purpose

Hi all,.

Is there any place where I can take a look on OneView (some kind of simulator) or is there possibility to install OV in non-HP server enviroment? I know that trial version is available and I've already downloaded it but for some reason I can't deploy it on stand-alone server. Is it even possible to install OV on stand-alone server without access to AD/domain?



Re: HPE OneView for testing purpose

You can install the appliance to a non-HPE server, just needs to match the same class of HPE ProLiant we document (which means CPU really).  If you wish a simulator, please reach out to your HPE sales team, who can go to teh HPE Solution Demo Portal and request a demo appliance for you, that would be accessible from the Internet, hosted in our own lab environment.

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