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Not all server hardware visible in OneView interface

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Not all server hardware visible in OneView interface

Hi All,

We have a couple of servers and are using oneview (free version). I noticed last week that not all server hardware like aditional raidcontrollers  are showing up in the oneview interface. Most of the servers have a aditional HP P430 raidcontroller and not all servers are reporting this controller in OneView. (most of them do luckely)

WBEM agent is installed on all the servers. Same version. (Not sure if this is required?)

Servers have different versions of the SPP, but there seems no relationship between te issue and the version.

I have the following questions:

  1. Does anybody know why the additional raid controllers are not always showing up in the oneview interface?
  2. Are the WBEM agents needed for havin this information visible in the oneview interface? And is Oneview still using WEBM? I couldn't find anything about this in the manual. I know HP SIM is using WEBM.
  3. logical disks are also not visible in oneview for all the servers. I need to check the iLO for this. Is this expected behaviour?
  4. Can oneview report issues on hardware, even if there not visible in the oneview interface?

Note; A couple of months back we migrated HP SIM to Oneview.  We have DL 380 Gen8 and Gen7 servers. Issue occures on both types of hardware. We Use OneView 3.0 and iLO version 4

I hope you can help me.


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Re: Not all server hardware visible in OneView interface

I updated one of the DL 380Gen8 servers with the latest SPP and ILO version 2.5 was installed. When I checked the oneview interface I noticed that some information was missing. Before the update the info was available when ILO 2.4 was installed.

The information below was missing:

HP network adapters
HP SmartArray P420i.
Some other components too, but I can't remember them.

The server above was a VMware ESX 6.0 U2 host.

I know the server and component is monitored by oneview, because I recieved an "network not available:" alert when I rebooted the server.

Does anybody have a answer on this topic?




Re: Not all server hardware visible in OneView interface

HPE OneView does not report the adapters installed on a DL server.  It can report Firmware and Driver versions installed, but not FRU data of those adapters.

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Re: Not all server hardware visible in OneView interface

I have similar check my post. One older GEN8 host with older firmware and bios does show up with all information and some others with newers builds not.

So versions of the custom esxi install and hardware firmware cause information not to be presented.