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OneView 3.10 - Create appliance Backup failed

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OneView 3.10 - Create appliance Backup failed


Since 2 weeks, I can't create or download backup anymore.

When I'm trying to create a new backup, I have this error : "The backup dit not complete" "Resolution: Retry the backup. If the backup fails again, restart the appliance, and then retry the backup."

I've tried to restart appliance but I still have this error.

And when i'm trying to downloading the last backup who did not failed, i have this error: "Unable to download backup. No backup exist. The backup has been deleted bu a support deump, restore or restart operation" "Resolution: Create a backup, and then retry the operation"

Resolution doesn't work either, because I can't create new backup.

I dunno what to do anymore with that...

Thanks in advance for replies.

ps: screenshots provided in attachments.


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Re: OneView 3.10 - Create appliance Backup failed

Please open a support case to resolve this issue.  It appears from the symptoms, the volume where the backup is created may be out of space.  It's a guess on my part, but without a support dump, or even access to the service console, I can't say what's causing this issue.