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OneView for vCenter 9 Server Error

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OneView for vCenter 9 Server Error


We upgraded our vCenter server to 6.5U1 (Appliance) and decided to Install OneView for vCenter.

We have OneView 4 installed and OneView for vCenter 9. Registration of the vCenter in the appliance succeeded but when we go in vSphere web client to administration tab > 'Certificate Management' we get this error:

"Internal server error has occured. Please try after some time."

When we try to enter global device credentials we get this error:

"Unable to communicate with the server .Please check the server logs."

We configured the ov4vc appliance like the procedure in the documentation.

The vCenter, OneView and OV4VC is in the same subnet, no firewall between them.

How can we solve this issue?



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Re: OneView for vCenter 9 Server Error

1. Are u still facing the issue?

2. From which vCenter client are you using? Can you access the vCenter using the HTML UI and let me know whether it works?

3. It would be good see some screenshots of the issue. Also press F12 in chrome to open debugger and see what the console log comes like. If possible post the console log errors if any.