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OneView is making anonymous queries to OpenLDAP

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OneView is making anonymous queries to OpenLDAP


I'm trying to integrate OneView 3.10.04-0299553 with OpenLDAP and authentication and group assigments are working fine my only problem is the following:

When OneView makes a query to OpenLDAP it does it in an anonymous (not bind) way, which means that it requieres an open permissions to everyone without account to read OpenLDAP which is a big security risk for our customer.

My question is: is it possible to force OneView to use bind queries (from specific users or groups) when authenticating users? if not, should we open a support case for this?

If you need more info please let me know.


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Re: OneView is making anonymous queries to OpenLDAP


The bind requests in OV uses simple authentication with user name and password. The DN required for binding a OpenLDAP request is internally built by OV before making a LDAP query. The parameters required to form the DN like baseDN, OU etc., are stored in OV during directory configuration.