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OneView with iLO

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OneView with iLO

We have activated and recieved a license for:

HPE OV w/o iLO 3yr 24x7 Phys 1 Srv LTU P8B24A

This has provided a .dat file, however we only need the iLO advanced key.
Can someone please advise how I can go about extracting this without a OneView appliance?


Re: OneView with iLO

The license you purchased is the HPE OneView Advanced without iLO Advanced license.  That means this does not include an iLO Advanced license.  Typically, this license is chosen when one of the following conditions apply:

  1. Customer has already purchased iLO Advanced license via another method or have an AKA or Enterprise site license agreement.
  2. Customer has no need for iLO Advanced functionality and wants to reduce the HPE OneView Advanced license cost per server.
  3. This is the license type when purchasing the HPE OneView Upgrade SKU (F6Q91A)

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