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Oneview support for 'Enforce AES/3DES Encryption'

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Oneview support for 'Enforce AES/3DES Encryption'

I'm currently setting up Onview 3.1 for monitoring of our server environment.  It seems that it is ok with having the "Enforce AES/3DES Encryption" enabled for the ilo 4s, but the ilo 3s it does not support that setting.  Is there any fix for this? 

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Re: Oneview support for 'Enforce AES/3DES Encryption'

We have the same issue. 

Disabling AES/3DES makes our iLO3's show up as running bad SSL ciphers with RC4 and our sec team were not too happy...so our global dashboard is awash with red because we have no work around for this. 

I've replied to follow the thread.

Unfortunately I can't see HPE coming up with a fix considering the Gen7's are going EoL soon.