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Powershell create profile from template

Rick Drake
Occasional Contributor

Powershell create profile from template

So not quite following the logic on the powershell wiki.  Is there actually a way to create a profile from a server template?  Assumed it was copy profile but that didn't work, or I did it wrong.  Google fu is failing me when attempting to find a script.  Any suggestions?  I am on Oneview 3.1 and using PS module 300.

Dave Olker

Re: Powershell create profile from template

First, if you are using OneView 3.1 then you should be using the 3.1 version of the PowerShell library found here:


Secondly, if you look at the WIKI for the 3.1 version of the New-HPOVServerProfile cmdlet found here:


you will see several examples of how to use this call.  Example #2 on that page shows how to create a Server Profile by providing an existing template:

 -------------------------- EXAMPLE 2 --------------------------

PS C:\> $spt = Get-HPOVServerProfileTemplate -Name 'Hypervisor Cluster Node Template v1'

PS C:\> Get-HPOVServer -Name "Encl1, Bay 1" | New-HPOVServerProfile -name "Hyp-Clus-01" -ServerProfileTemplate $spt | Wait-HPOVTaskComplete

Hope this helps,


Neighborhood Moderator

Re: Powershell create profile from template

As I am the developer and maintainer of the PowerShell library, I wanted to make 1 slight correction:

You can use a lower Major.Minor versioned library with a newer appliance.  So, using the 3.00 PowerShell library will work with a 3.10 appliance.  Please know that I will only support N-2 HPE OneView appliance to PowerShell library versions, which will follows the appliance supported API versions.