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Problem reporting to OneView

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Problem reporting to OneView



I am having an ongoing issue with servers reporting to OneView. 


I get them set up, they report to the console but then at random, and for no reason I can figure out they lose contact with OneView.  When I log onto the server and check my settings for iLo the user name and password that logs into OneView is wiped out.  It was there before because I use it to set up the connections for all servers about six months ago.  There is a critical alert from OneView and an error stating that OneView can no longer communicate with the server.  This has happened about four times now.  The servers are either 360 G8 Windows 2012 r2 or 380 G9 ESX hosts.


Has anyone else had this problem? Any help would be appreciated.


Re: Problem reporting to OneView

Are you saying that the _HPOneViewAdmin account is no longer present within your iLO's?  If so, do you have an automated process that configured your iLOs?  OneView doesn't remove its configuration from an iLO unless the server hardware is removed from the appliance by either a Server Administrator or Infrastructure Administrator.

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