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Scott Caryer
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Remote Support Contacts

With regards to Remote support, can the forum tell me when an email is generatered to the default contact? Is it just when a HPe case is generated, or does it send Appliance & Activity alerts as well to the default contact?

We just had a case gernated by our OV appliance, and a notification was only sent to the default contact. I am guessing the other contacts will never get an alert unless it is set to default. I would like to configure OV to send an email to a general account AND our on-call admin that changes every month. With that said, what is the best way to go about setting this up where the OV appliance emails multiple contacts when a case is generated.

Does the email field in the contact section allow for multiple email entries? The help documentation does not indicate that information. Any advised or direction would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Scott

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Re: Remote Support Contacts

Hi Scott,

Ufnfortunately that is not possible. Unlike Insight Remote Support - OV can have one contact that can be alerted for a case logged.




Sanjay Kumar

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