HPE OneView

Request Deeper 3PAR Integration

Kelly M Knowles

Request Deeper 3PAR Integration

It would be nice to have the ability to represent the physical footprint of the 3PAR in the racks and datacenters facilities section of OneView.


I often use this graphical display to show the temperature of the racks and to show off the components working as intended to executives.

Currently there is not carryover of 3PAR arrays into racks which requires the creation of unmanaged hardware to put into the rack view.

I would like to have the ability to have controller and drive cages from 3PAR 8200 series arrays (and possibly other models) be similar to what you see with managed server hardware where they are automatically populated and able to be dragged to a rack.  Ideally it would even be a bonus to have temperature readings pulled from these through WSAPI and represented in the graphical portion of OneView.

Also I would like the ability to have an https link definable that would take the OneView user to the 3PAR SSMC that is assigned to the particular storage system.