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Smart Search syntax

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Smart Search syntax

Is there documentation explaining the Smart Search syntax? Can I use AND OR NOT? I'm running version 1.2.01-0021397.


I'd like to create a filter to show me all critical events that are NOT network related. this would be extremely useful when setting up email filters for my particular environment.


On a related note is there documentation listing all Health Categories and can you filter on just a health category?





Re: Smart Search syntax

Smart Search uses both Google/Bing search syntax, along with API search syntax.   You can look at the online help (http://h17007.www1.hp.com/docs/enterprise/servers/oneview1.2/cic/en/content/index.html), select "Navigating the appliance user interface", and then "Search resources". 


To get a list of all Health Categories, I would suggest you look at http://h17007.www1.hp.com/docs/enterprise/servers/oneview1.2/cic-api/en/api-docs/current/index.html#rest/events and look for the "healthCategory" property.


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Re: Smart Search syntax

Still need help, the links show infor that does not help at all, it may help somone who wrote the program and programs all day long, I'm a engineer and need a quick way to do searches I need.  It looks really powerfull, but in my fumbling around I cannot even guess the syntax right......

Is there a document on the Smart Search Syntax? 


Give some examples at least........