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Unable to add the enclosure

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Unable to add the enclosure

I am trying to add c7000 Enclosure G3 into Oneview but I am receiving the error message below. I am able to login to Onboard Administrator fine, I can ping... I have c7000 enclosures in Onview which was added before. Please help

 Unable to add the enclosure.
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Re: Unable to add the enclosure

There is not much information available to suggest any specific steps ..

Please always mentioned primary information like Oneview appliance version details along the enclosure OA showall report to check the enclosure firmwares . 
Kindly please fill in as much information as possible to review and respond to the queries . 

Given the information ,I would suggest to check on the 

Oneview notification panel provided the reason and a solution.. 

Follow the guidance in the notification panel for the corrective action you need to take to successfully add the enclosure. 

One of the reason which is tobe checked that enclosure is not being managed by any other appliance .. 
If first time enclosure add does not succeed check and Verify prerequisties of oneview . 

For Oneview documentation : 



HPE support might need following primary iformation . 

OV version ? 
OA showall from new added enclosure 
OV suppor dump 
Create a encrypted support dump. Follow the path: OneView/Settings/Appliance/Actions/Create Support Dump 
snapshot of the Oneview error

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Re: Unable to add the enclosure


i dont know if its still a problem 

but ...

1  . check firewall port list 

2.  check access list