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Using OneView to add SNMP v3 user

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Using OneView to add SNMP v3 user

We currently use OneView in our environment and we've recently started using logic monitor which can also manage iLO's.

To manage the iLO's it needs the SNMP v3 user setting up. So I can see in OneView that I can set this info up. The questions are, if i add this SNMP v3 user settings, will it apply to all my servers in OneView(350 odd)? Or would i need to do a refresh / remove and re add in to OneView for that setting to then be applied to a host?

Also if i add that setting, does that mean OneView will now use that instead of the SNMP 1 its been previously applying to my servers, and if so can both OneView and Logic Monitor use the same address? I'm assuming so?