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Virtual Connect Add with error


Virtual Connect Add with error

Hi all 

i use Ov V-4.10.01 , I recently encountered a problem that Although Every thing look like work with no problem.

InterConnect firmware Version is 4.62

i notice 2 Issue :

1 . on  Enclosures - the interconnect is Red  BUT Down link port is Ok !

2. When i Go to interconnect On General Tab > State  : Added with Error .

I  try  to :

1 . Refresh is system 

2 Clear port Counters

3 Reaplay Config

4 Reset loop And Pause Flood

5 Replace the Virtual Connect 

Its Happening in more the One System 

and one else experience  ths issue  ?
Or is there A known matter to some one ?


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Re: Virtual Connect Add with error

The reported condition need  investigation to identify the existing conditions and the source of the error to suggest the solution ..

Kindly logs a formal support call at HPE Customer Support Center .

Take error snap shot 
Oneview LE support dump 
Date &time when error started 
Last change made to see the error 
Date & time when last change was made ?
OA showall
This will help to intiiate a investigation and addition logs might required later by the support engineer based on the complexcity of the issue ..


Thank You!
I am a HPE employee

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Re: Virtual Connect Add with error

Hi -

I solved this issue 

it was problem with the LACP Config on the NETWORK SWITCH ! 

i dont realy understand why it was reflected in this way on the Virtual Connect And one view 

But on the moment it fix it