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vmware vrealize operations (vROPS) 8.1 OneView integration

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vmware vrealize operations (vROPS) 8.1 OneView integration

Hi All,

Is there a way to show all hardware including non ESXi servers in vROPS when using the OneView management pack in vROPS?
The reason i am asking is that we are looking at making vROPS the mythical single pane of glass for everything and i noticed that we would not see blade and DL servers that have windows directly installed on them...

The versions i am using:
Oneview 5.20
vROPS OneView Management Pack
vROPS 8.1


Re: vmware vrealize operations (vROPS) 8.1 OneView integration

HPE OneView Infrastructure Dashboard : The HPE OneView Infrastructure dashboard provides an overview of the entire HPE OneView hardware infrastructure. This dashboard displays the status of HPE OneView managed hardware and allows you to see how the hardware relates to your virtual environment. You have quick access to all of the metrics collected for each piece of hardware.

For more information please refer HPE OneView for VMware vRealize Operations v2.2 User Guide (page number 17).


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