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How do I fix the errors that appear after adding the Simplicity node?

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How do I fix the errors that appear after adding the Simplicity node?


I am inquiring about the solution because there was an error during the Simplivity test.

I deployed the Simplivity Gen10 1 node on the Simplivity Gen9 2 node.

Deploy was successfully completed.

But after completion, I saw an error in the Migrate part of the vCenter function.

Errors do not appear during a compute resource from Gen10 to Gen9.
But only during the compute resource Migrate process from Gen9 node to Gen10 node.

If you know how to solve this error, I would appreciate it if you could let me know the answer.

I am attaching a copy of the error message below.


The target host does not support the virtual machine's current hardware requirements.
Use a cluster with Enhanced vMotion Compatibility (EVC) enabled to create a uniform set of CPU features across the cluster, or use per-VM EVC for a consistent set of CPU features for a virtual machine and allow the virtual machine to be moved to a host capable of supporting that set of CPU features. See KB article 1003212 for cluster EVC information.
XSAVES (save supervisor states) is unsupported.
XSAVEC (save extended states in compact format) is unsupported.
XSAVE of Protection Key Register User State (PKRU) is unsupported.
XSAVE of ZMM registers ZMM16-ZMM31 is unsupported (ZMM_Hi16).
XSAVE of high 256 bits of ZMM registers ZMM0-ZMM15 is unsupported (ZMM_Hi256).
XSAVE of opmask registers k0-k7 is unsupported.
XSAVE of BNDCFGU and BNDSTATUS registers (BNDCSR) is unsupported.
XSAVE of BND0-BND3 bounds registers (BNDREGS) is unsupported.
Protection Keys For User-mode Pages (PKU) is not supported.
AVX-512 Vector Length Extensions (AVX512VL) are unsupported.
Advanced Vector Extensions 512 Byte and Word Instructions (AVX512BW) are unsupported.
Advanced Vector Extensions 512 Confict Detection (AVX512CD) are unsupported.
Cache line write back (CLWB) is unsupported.
Optimized version of clflush (CLFLUSHOPT) is unsupported.
Advanced Vector Extensions 512 Doubleword and Quadword (AVX512DQ) are unsupported.
Advanced Vector Extensions 512 Foundation (AVX512F) are unsupported.
Memory Protection Extensions (MPX) are unsupported.

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Re: How do I fix the errors that appear after adding the Simplicity node?

Hi @han_yckim ,

Thanks for using HPE SimpliVity Forum.

vMotion requires you to have the same subset of common CPU instruction sets and features on the source and destination CPU and enabled in the server's BIOS.

This is where EVC comes in. By enabling EVC on the cluster with the lowest common CPU generation, all hosts will present only these instruction sets to VMs when they're powered-on, which makes live migration possible across different physical CPU generations.

Below links that can be referred to as a reference.

VMware KB: EVC and CPU Compatibility FAQ

VMware KB: Enhanced vMotion Compatibility (EVC) processor support