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Simplivity and legacy SAN

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Simplivity and legacy SAN

Hi there,

I have been tasked to get more storage for the Cisco Simplivity environment that is at my school.  We have a SAN and want to intigrate that storage into our environment.  We have two Cisco servers running the environment now and really they have enough power to run all our vm's, the problem we are having is with the backups and the space they are taking up and want to add the SAN to take over the backup storage.

What is everybody's opinion on this and do you have suggestions?



Re: Simplivity and legacy SAN

Simplivity solutions whether they be HPE or Cisco or whoever can see external storage and can use it but since that storage is not within the OmniStack control, that storage can not take advantage of Dedupe or Compression.  Only the storate within the server is under the control of the accellerator and omnistact software.


Alan Hymes

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