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Simplivity backup and XML files

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Stefano Colombo
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Simplivity backup and XML files

We are having an issue with some servers on simplivity that gets filled with XML files into c:\windows\temp by the scheduled simplivity backup

I wonder why are those files not being deleted after the backup completed .

Those files varies in size from a few KB up to few MB

The issue seems to be related to "vss" backup . We have no such issue on other servers that are using Application consistent backup ( default )

Is there something going wrong or that's an expected behavior ?





Re: Simplivity backup and XML files

The Simplivity Backups work at the Simplviity Data management layer of Simplvity and do not create such files inside the guest OS

However, as you are using Application consistant backup with VSS ( microsoft volume shadowcopy service)  it could be possible that VSS is creating such files, as this is microsoft service it is best to ask microsoft on how to deal with these files.


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