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Strange Plugin behaviour

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Strange Plugin behaviour

Hi community

I've got a strange behaviour in our new 4.0 environment. We run two vcenter in enhanced linked mode and one of them is constantly giving me the "You must select HPE SimpliVity object to access this view" message whenever I try to access the HPE SimpliVity Hardware or when I try to shutdown a omnistack.

The other vCenter is fine as in the plugin always shows the information I need. 

Additional Info: When I check the status in the SimpliVity Federation Menu in vCenter I see that both vCenters point to the same MVA and the selection is automatic. Could this be a Problem?



Re: Strange Plugin behaviour

HI @Thomas_Strebel,

Welcome to the forum!

So the short answer to your query is, Yes, having the two vCenters pointed to the same MVA is a misconfiguration and therefore we would expect to see some issues on one of the vCenters.

Have you got two MVA's deployed at this stage or just the one? The MVA configuration requires one MVA per HMS (vCenter in this case) instance.

Probably best that we get a support ticket opened to track this but let me know and we can assist via this forum as best as possible.



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Re: Strange Plugin behaviour

Hi David

Thanks for the quick reply.

At this stage we have two MVAs, one for each HMS. I also opend a ticket and it was confimred that the behaviour could be reproduced at their lab.
What I figured out so far is that it depends on which MVA the Plugin connects.
vCenter-Site1 --> connects to MVA-Site1 everything works fine.
vCenter-Site1 --> connects to MVA-Site2 = error  (I just don't know why it does that).
The other way around is never a problem.
vCenter-Site2 --> MVA-Site1 works.
vCenter-Site2 --> MVA-Site2 works (as it is supposed to).

Also it seems to change the MVA at random, sometimes it works for two hours then the MVA switches and it stops working on one site. Three hours later everything works fine because the MVA switched again.
My guess we need to find a way to bind the MVA to the HMS permenantly. 

Edit: Problem seems to be gone. Needed to uninstall the plugin on both vCenters then reinstall it.