HPE Storage System Scripting Utility (SSSU)
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delete vdisks presented to host

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delete vdisks presented to host

Hi ,


i am sure this must have been answered previously in this forum , but i am not able to find the thread.


i want to delete all vdisk presented to a host using  sssu ( alredy removed from server side )


Also is there a way using evainfo and SSSU ( or in combination ), to identify to actual vDisk names and WWIDs.







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Re: delete vdisks presented to host

The below will do the work :


EVA11> delete lun "\Hosts\n2\106"   ### unpresent

EVA11> delete vdisk "\Virtual Disks\n1\n1-01\n1-01_iiststeva02" wait_for_completion ### delete

but is there way to find out whad all lun are prsented to server and then delete the lun and vdisks .