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Adding different node configuration to existing cluster...

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Adding different node configuration to existing cluster...

I am looking to add a new node to my existing P4500 lefthand cluster.  My existing cluster is created with two P4500 nodes and 12 450GB 15K SAS drives per node and I would like to add another P4500 that has 12 600 GB 15K SAS disk drives.  My question is simple, what will happen when I attempt to add this to the existing two nodes?

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Re: Adding different node configuration to existing cluster...



Technically there will be no issue... Add the 3rd node to the cluster, all exisiting volumes will start automatically to restripe it's blocks of data accross the 3 nodes...


Some remarks: check the managers... I assume you have now a FOM or Virtual Manager active, this needs to be removed/stopped since the 3rd node will run it's own manager now...


Second remark: since the 3rd node has bigger disks, you will only be able to use the disk space like on the other nodes... So you will lose 150GB per disk in that shelf that will not be able to be assigned/adresses...





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