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Cannot connect to FTP to update

Occasional Contributor

Cannot connect to FTP to update


I am having trouble connecting to the ftp from CMC. I always get the cannot connect to ftp server your proxy settings may be invalid.

We don't use a proxy server as such it is all done on the wire via our palo alto gear. I can connect to the ftp no problem with a ftp client or even a browser but the cmc won't.


As a last resort i downloaded all the files from and manually put them in the cmc download folder. I click use local media and point it to the correct folder but all it does it tell me the cmc is up to date (i manually installed 12) , the other buttons are greyed out.


Any ideas?, it used to work fine. 


I have a P4500G2 cluster with OS 10.5

CMC 12



Honored Contributor

Re: Cannot connect to FTP to update

usually a firewall issue.  


I kind of remember an issue a while back where downloads didn't work when you had your CMC settings set to download only select files... try changing it to download everything and see if that works.


CMC is totally independent of the hardware you use.  try it from home on your desktop and see if you can download the files if what I said above doesn't work.

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Re: Cannot connect to FTP to update

Shouldnt i be able to manually download the files and put them in the cmc download folder and use the local media option?

When i do that they buttons are greyed out.

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Re: Cannot connect to FTP to update

Hi, we had the same issue


Check your upgrades.xml file in the download folder. One of the updates from HP added an incorrect FTP address to the top of the <downloadURLs> section. If this is the case, delete the incorrect address at the top of the list, restart the CMC and it should work again

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Re: Cannot connect to FTP to update


you can always install latest CMC on any PC or station connected to the internet.

and then open it go to tasks > download all upgrade files. this will download everything

from the begining. about 8 or 9GB and then copy it to your local system and from your CMC

goto to "use local media" and upgrade localy.



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Re: Cannot connect to FTP to update

All, We have had this issue with various servers and various locations, and I believe the issue is that the FTP connection is ACTIVE, and this is often difficult to configure through some firewalls - notably Cisco. As there is no means to switch to PASSIVE, the connection simply fails.


Workaround is to switch the url to a web (http) download.


Hope this helps.