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Installing OS on P4500G2

Installing OS on P4500G2


I get 4 old P4500G2 nodes . This nodes are completely deleted, with no OS and no Raid configuration.

I downloaded and booted the iso (12.6) HPE_StoreVirtual_Quick_Restore_DVD_AX694-11018 on one node.

After boot it says boot failed disk error, I think because there are no raidconfiguration on the controller.

What kind of riad should I set (default) is it raid5? I did look on the manuals, but I did not found anything installing from scratch.




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Re: Installing OS on P4500G2


you should configure raid 5 but you can not restore with out a valid license key

that need to be loaded during the restore.



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Re: Installing OS on P4500G2

Yep if you try to do it without the key it "looks" like it works but when you restart it gives you that error :(


Re: Installing OS on P4500G2

Version 12.6 is not supported on 4500 G2 latest version supported is 12.5