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Adding a cluster (same IP several SNMP communities)

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Adding a cluster (same IP several SNMP communities)



I have a cluster of two firewall with the same IP. Each member have is own SNMP community ("community-SerialNumber").


Adding the first device is ok.


When I try to add the second one, I have the error "Device "XXXXX" already exists." either i use IP address, hostname or hostname different from the first one.


Is it possible to add device with the same IP but with different SNMP community to IMC ?


Thanks for your help...


I'm using IMC 5.2.

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Re: Adding a cluster (same IP several SNMP communities)

From what I've seen in the database, it uses the IP address to identify nodes. It is also used for polling. I don't think you're going to be able to find a way to have the same IP address, with different community strings. The only way I can see a network management product could do it would be if it was set up for full multi-tenancy, and so allowed overlapping addresses. But that doesn't really solve your problem.

Are you sure that the firewalls don't have separate management, non-clustered IP addresses?

Out of interest, what model firewalls are these? I haven't come across that particular setup with any of the firewalls I've worked with so far, and I'd like to avoid it in future.