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Backing up non-HP devices in IMC 7.0 using SNMPv3

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Backing up non-HP devices in IMC 7.0 using SNMPv3

Just wondering if anyone has any success backing up the configuration files for the following non-HP devices:

  • BlueCoat SG600
  • Juniper SRX550
  • Cisco ASA 5525

I've downloaded the latest MIBs for these devices from the manufacturer website (hopefully grabbed the right ones) and compiled/uploaded them to IMC 7.0.  I can successfully connect via SNMPv3 and monitor the devices, but whenever I attempt to backup these devices it fails.


Wondering if anyone has had any success backing up the config files for these devices in IMC 7.0 before I start looking for alternate solutions????

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Re: Backing up non-HP devices in IMC 7.0 using SNMPv3

UPDATE:.....sorry, SNMPv2....not SNMPv3

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Re: Backing up non-HP devices in IMC 7.0 using SNMPv3

First up, uploading MIBs won't make any difference. MIBs provide mappings between numerical OIDs and textual representations, but they don't in themselves change any monitoring or management behaviour in IMC.


Backups are done via a variety of methods. SNMP read-write is used by some devices - IMC will send a SNMPset, and the device will upload its configuration via TFTP or FTP. That can work for devices like Cisco switches, assuming they have SNMP read-write configured.


But many devices don't support that method (or more generally, don't support SNMP read-write). That's why IMC also uses other methods, such as Telnet, SSH, SCP, SFTP to get device configs.


IMC uses Device Adapters to configure the backup methods. MIBS play no part in any of this. Chapter 6 in the Admin Guide goes into more detail on the adapters, and how to create them.


Backup support is configured by HP on a per-device basis. They only enable it for devices they have tested. Sometimes newer devices come out, and they appear to be different to IMC (they have a different SNMP sysObjectID). But since IMC already supports other similar devices, we know that the backup process should work.


Cisco ASAs are already supported, and same with some other models of SRX. You'll need to edit the Device Adapter to add the new sysOIDs, restart IMC, and re-synchronise the devices. Here's some notes on doing it for Cisco switches - the process will be very similar for the ASA and the SRX:


There are some other modifications and custom adapters available here: - that includes changes to the Juniper adapter to include support for a couple of other SRX models.


You'll need to develop your own adapter for the BlueCoat system. If it has a CLI interface similar to say Cisco, then it's usually not that difficult to write your own adapter.


You'll need to develop