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Backup Brocade config via SCP

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Backup Brocade config via SCP

I downloaded the Brocade scripts from Lindsay Hill on Github and although the config backup is working it is falling back to the CLI and wont use SCP. Looking through the logs I see

"Error occured to exec cmd: C:/Program Files/iMC/server/bin/../../server/conf/adapters/ICC/Brocade/BrocadeFastIron/backup_startup_config_scp.tcl, error message: Timeout to login. No message received from device!"

I'm not sure why it is timing out. I have try launching PSCP from the cmd line and everything works as expected. I have double and triple check the SSH credentials in IMC and its correct. I have even try switching to private key authentication with the same results.

Does anyone have any ideas?

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Re: Backup Brocade config via SCP

Which devices are you trying to back up?


Do you see any temporary files left behind in <IMC>/server/tmp ? They may get cleaned up after the CLI backup completes, so you might need to watch out for them while you're trying a backup.


But there should be a file there showing the output of the attempted scp session. That might help figure out what's going on. In the past I've seen a problem caused by scripts not storing keys for new devices, but that doesn't look like the case here. 



That error means it didn't see any matching option in the while loop. Hopefully the temp file will show us what's going on.