Create scheduled reports with performance view

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Create scheduled reports with performance view

Hello there!

I've been cracking my head over this one and I can't seem to figure out how to do it or even find out if it's possible at all.

I currently use the performance view to monitor throughput on the WAN interfaces of devices added to IMC. I would like to make weekly and/or monthy reports and email them with these throughput statistics. Preferably with the graphs that are offered in the performance view. See screenshot below.

So, to make it simple. Can I put the above screenshot into something scheduled and have it emailed to one or multiple addresses?


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Re: Create scheduled reports with performance view


While it's possible to get a scheduled report with throughput information, I don't think you can get a report exactly as you are describing it, unless you did some extensive work on your own custom report template with the IAR module.

Check out Report > Scheduled Reports > Add Scheduled Report. Here you can select which report template you'd like to use - there are 3 different ones for Performance Mgmt specifically. You probably want to try them out via the Report Template List first to see what works for you, such as Performance View Summary Report.

Then just set up the schedule and where to e-mail the report (can add multiple emails or a distribution list), and you'll get it via e-mail regularly. Unfortunately it won't include all the graphs like the Performance View does though.

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Re: Create scheduled reports with performance view


I tried that already. Sadly, that's not really useful as we really need something to see the throughput per 30-60 minutes throughout a week.

We want to collect this data to forward it to sites of us to show them the performance weekly/monthly. Mainly so also to protect ourselves from the 'You need to upgrade the internet subscription it's slow.' phrase as well as to just rule out it's not that (or is.)

Does the IAR module fully offer the graphs to be mailed on a weekly basis in a custom report?
Would there be any trial license available. Also, what is the estimated price? I cannot seem to find a good source for that or would I need a quote?