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E-Mail notification for syslog alarm

Frequent Advisor

E-Mail notification for syslog alarm


we are using IMC 7.3 with about 150 devices. I configured a syslog message as a minor alert with the "Sylog-To-Alert" function and want to send an e-mail when this specific alarm occurs. 

I thought I could do that with "Alarm Notifications" but here I can only choose MIBs as the "Concerned Alarms" filter and not my Syslog Alarm.

Did I miss something?




OK, I kinda found something. There is an OID for "Alarms upgraded from syslog" ( With that and the filter to choose only Minor Alarms, I should get the notification to work. I'll try it now...
But it's not a very good solution in my opinion, because theres just this one OID for all possible alarms upgraded from syslog.