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Frequent alerts after change of SNMP configuration

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Frequent alerts after change of SNMP configuration


We have moved to new NMS server and had to change the SNMP host in all the switches to the new server ip address. After successfully changing, I am getting 3 of these below alerts very frequently at my system. At System Settings -> Interface Up & Down alarms -> Server Connected Links -> Not Filtered since we want to monitor uplinks and downlinks of all the devices. What could be the issue casuing this after the change in SNMP?


1)Trap Name:  Alarm system detected intermittent failures

Severity:  Major

Description:  iMC alarm system found event (Link UP) and event (Link DOWN) had 3 intermittent failures


2)Trap Name:  hpicfSnmpAuthFail

Severity:  Warn

Description:  The switch sends this notification when an SNMP SET command fails at the authorization check stage. This notification applies to SETs within the hpicf tree that are network security related.  This object is controlled by hpicfSnmpAuthNotifyEnable


3)Trap Name:  Alarm system detected alarms of duplicate event

Severity:  Warn

Description:  iMC alarm system has received 100 alarms about the event (lldpRemTablesChange) of device