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How to create a CLI script and general questions.

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How to create a CLI script and general questions.

I am pretty green to using IMC so I have really just two questions right now.


1- How do you create a CLI script and deploy it from IMC for a mass configuration change  like a NTP server configuration change? 


2- How can you set the latest available software to show available for upgrade? Like in the attached image.



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Re: How to create a CLI script and general questions.

For the first one:


1/ Go to Service -> Configuration Center -> Configuration Templates. Add a new template. Set the appropriate commands, and applicable devices. 

(Or you could use one of the predefined scripts - e.g. there are examples there for deploying NTP servers).


2/ Once you've created it, click "Deploy". Select devices, and set options for saving pre/post change, etc. 


There's more to it, but you should be able to get started.


You may also want to write a compliance template that checks devices to ensure they have the right NTP settings. You can also set remediation commands, so you could run the check, then choose to remediate non-compliant systems.


For firmware, you need to import new firmware versions. Service -> Configuration CEnter -> Software Library.