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How to have recurring configuration?

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How to have recurring configuration?

Two questions

I am on IMC 7.3.  How do I schedule a configuration to be submitted to a switch on a daily basis?   I have a script which does what I want and works.  But I want to run it every night (say midnight) against a particualr switch.  How do I schedule recurring configs?

Second question:  Is it possible to have a "pause 5 seconds" statement in an IMC script?  I would love to pause a script 5 seconds before running the next command if possible.


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Re: How to have recurring configuration?

You create the task/script under Service/Configuration Center/Configuration Templates and then use Deployment task to schedule and run it.

Add a template, there are several "modes"  for entering commands and there are variables that you can use at run time.

You can select specific models to make the scripts applicable to, so when you select devices to run against those are filtered.

Once its created then on the template list there is a deploy option on the far right, where scope time and recurrence get specified.

The tasks are listed for history, can be copied to new ones. Recurring tasks can be modified.

Same engine is used to deploy fw updates.

These are cli scripts, and I do not see any control to the pace of execution - as far as I can tell its sending the script to the device as a stream of characters. Like pasting into the terminal window.

There is also the compliance center which can check for configuration settings, log entrys, status, - anything that can be parsed - and then take action based on matches.

Both of these take a bit of practice to get the hang of the UI so get confident before doing anything that has potential for damage.