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IMC 5.2 error loading component failed

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IMC 5.2 error loading component failed



I just finished upgrade imc ver 5.0 to 5.2 . But somehow experienced with error on process:


imcperfdm.exe - unknwon error

unbaserver.xe - unknown error


while  browsing web access :


failed to loading component ( Report Management) 

Failed to load components during iMC start up:

Component name:iMC Platform - Report Management Reason:Execute db script "4_iMC-NME-PERF_install_script.bat" of report view error.

Remedy:Please contact system administrator.


as i found on HP support :-


3Com Knowledgebase Article

HP iMC 3.3 - HTTP Remote Access Fails with a pop-up stating "Components loading failed"
SoftwareFirmware Version:
3CR15800 - 3Com iMC Enterprise Edition
3CR15810 - 3Com iMC Standard Edition
3CR15820 - 3Com iMC Lite Edition
Backup or Rename the two original scripts and replace them with these attached scripts :
The path is iMC\client\web\apps\imc\reportscript\, then restart jserver process in DMA.
Two scripts to replace
When trying to remotely access iMC 3.3 via HTTP port 8080 running on a Windows 2008 Server a popup appears telling you that components such as the iMC Platform - Report Manager failed to load. There is a problem with whitespace in two scripts that need to be replaced to workaround this problem.
Whitespace exists in two of the necessary scripts and causes the access to fail.
but no attached scripts.
Please help. Still no replied from HP Support after case created 4 days ago..