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IMC 7.1 and 5920's hundreds of alarms

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IMC 7.1 and 5920's hundreds of alarms

I have a couple 5920 IRF stacks I'm monitoring with IMC that show this error every couple hours. Anybody know how to squelch it I'm assuming at the 5920 side?

6 Min 26 Sec
NMS( iMC alarm system has received 100 alarms about the event (hh3cPeriodicalTrap) of device lynIPStos01( from 2015-04-03 08:22:09 to 2015-04-03 10:02:09




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Re: IMC 7.1 and 5920's hundreds of alarms

Do you want to fix the problem, or do you just want to stop IMC alerting you about it?


It's better if you can fix it at source. That switch is generating a lot of traps, and I think they're spurious. See here for some more info:


It is possible to change the IMC alerting for this, but it's better to try and stop devices generating so many unwanted traps.