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IMC - DELL hardware issues

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IMC - DELL hardware issues

Hi folks,


We've recently migrated from HP SIM to IMC ( v7.0 E0102 ) and can't seem to get a couple of Dell servers properly recognized . It seems the problem lies with the OID, which is identifying it as a Microsoft device and not Dell hardware. I've repeatedly removed it but when added back to IMC, always shows up with the same (wrong) OID. The source of the problem, perhaps, is that it was initially added as a Microsoft device and now IMC doesn't want to "forgive and forget".


I looked thru some alternate postings here and it would seem to indicate that this version of IMC may be "buggy"? Yes, I'm new to IMC but it seems to me this shouldn't be that difficult to accomplish...what am I missing??


Going to the Device Details page of the Dell hardware, I attempt to add the trap destination but get the same error(s):


1. Device cannot be pinged

2. SNMP/Telnet/SSH settings are incorrect

3. Invalid characters are found

4. Device returns an failure



I was able to test by removing connection from a power supply, but no indication/trap sent to IMC ( I did see an alert on the Dell server ).


Any/all help is greatly appreciated at this point. Thanks in advance.



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Re: IMC - DELL hardware issues

So, a few things:


* IMC isn't really intended as a SIM replacement. OneView is the replacement for SIM. IMC is aimed at network management. It can do some server monitoring, but that's not its core purpose. As such, you'll find some server monitoring things challenging.


* When you add the server to IMC, it polls it using SNMP. It requests the sysOID. Since its the Microsoft SNMP agent running on that server, it responds with the Windows Server sysOID. IMC doesn't know about the underlying server manufacturer. You can delete & re-add the device all you want, but IMC will still see it as a Windows server. This is nothing to do with anything cached/remembered by IMC - it's just that the Windows server always responds with "I'm a Windows server."


* That option for adding Trap destinations works for some devices that allow a remote setting of the trap destination. It's almost certainly not going to work in this case. If you want to configure SNMP traps on a server, you'll need to configure it on that server itself.

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Re: IMC - DELL hardware issues

Thank you for the reply, LindsayHill.


Our VAR represented IMC as a good replacement for SIM, apparently not so much we now know. Looks like I'll be supporting 2 monitoring tools going forward....


Appreciate the time and help, thanks again!