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IMC UAM Problem E63053::Invalid authentication type.

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IMC UAM Problem E63053::Invalid authentication type.



I need help to solve this problem:


When i check the option bellow (image1) on my wireless configuration I can’t authenticate and the IMC shows the following error (image 2).


If I uncheck the option I can authenticate properly. I understand that this option needs to be active in my Network, because the users log in with their credentials and the Windows automatically authenticate in my network.


Also i have a question about wireless network.


Is it possible to make a Rule on the UAM allowing someone to authenticate on an SSID just if it belongs to a specific Domain Windows?


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Re: IMC UAM Problem E63053::Invalid authentication type.

Could be a number of things because you must do a number of steps crorrectly to make it all work. This post 'dot1x authentication' and the attachments I uploaded should provide a good guide


Basically you must set up LDAP, import your AD root certificate, and create access service/policy that uses PEAP


In you screenshot 2 you must check the certificate of your AD root that you imported.