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IMC and NTA database issues

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IMC and NTA database issues

We have iMC PLAT 7.0 (E0202) and iMC NTA 7.0 (E0201H01). When trying to do the following operations, we are getting databse error messages:


- Reports > Interface Connectivity Summary Report: Unexpected database connector error

- Reports > Capacity Summary: Error finding JNDI name (

- Service > Traffic Analysis and Audit > Database Space: Data File Usage/Failed to obtain data, Disk Usage/Failed to obtain data


I was wondering if there was something in the configuration we could quickly address to resolve this? Otherwise we will open a support call.


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Re: IMC and NTA database issues

Just did some quick checks on my system (Linux/MySQL), and those seem to work.


What database are you using? Local/remote? I'd be starting there. Make sure it's running, check the DB logs, etc. Also check to see if any permissions have been changed.

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Re: IMC and NTA database issues

hello dmacesic

did you fix this ? if yes please tell how

 i use remote DB.