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IMC and switch

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IMC and switch


I need to know if these switch are compatible with imc, because they don't work when i try auto backup:

Alcatel omni switch generic , omnistack ls 6224P

acatel 6200, omnistack ls 6200

Alcatel OMNI6250-P24, alcatel lucent OS6250

HPE officeconnect switch 1920s

But these switch work, and i have a backup file on imc:

HPE  1920 -24G POE

alcatel lucent os6850


HPE FF 5700-32XGT

Thanks and regards


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Re: IMC and switch

Unsupported switches can be used. You will need to enable snmp, install mibs if not already in there, and then create or modify the adpaters, which are scripts, to perform the tasks of backup etc.

There are a number of posts on this board regarding that - search adapters, tcl, scripting

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Re: IMC and switch


thank you for response ( i'm a trainee on a company). snmp is already enable on imc and switch 

I have these problem on different switch when i bakcup:

"IMC does not support obtaining version information from the device."  ( for 20 switch omnistack )

"failed to telnet the device" but when i test telnet it's successfull, i use telnet ( user name + password) because with ssh it doesn"t work, we need to enter 2 login and 1 password to enter on the device ( login as + user name and password )

i have already seen an other topic about that, but when i enable SCP + ssh i've  "Login type is SSH and file transfer mode is TFTP/FTP, this is incompatible."


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Re: IMC and switch

several things to cover:

Device cofiguration - each device has a field Login type under device details - make sure this is set to how you want the application to default to using. The application does use the cli in the background for various tasks, so this is how it knows which to use.

Under configure use the Modify section to save the credenitals - you can make templates and apply. There is a test button to verify that IMC can make the connection. The templates should be able to handle your login requirement. - check the options uinder authetincation mode. See system/Access parameter template for each type of access.

For devices not known to IMC, go to system/Device Definition. Make sure there is a vendor, device series & device model - the device model will need the sysOID for snmp access.

Under system/Mib management, compile and load the mibs, so the sysOID will map interfaces, stats etc

Then configure snmp access under each device and test. If all the above is working then the device type and operational parameters should populate correctly.

If you get the above working, then most IMC functions are now useful - montioring, performance monitoring, alarming, basic operations.

Backup is the most difficult. First determine what options your device supports: scp, tftp, or imc can just use the terminal mode cli to copy the config that way.

Next you must configure the scripts that IMC uses to perform backup restore, fw deployment etc.

For devices IMC supports there are scripts located in (windows):

\\<server>\<Drive>\Program Files\iMC\server\conf\adapters\ICC

There are folders for each vendor - if you are lucky, there is at least the vendor you have, then find a simlar device.

The index uses sysOID. The tcl scripts perform the tasks using comands the switch will recognixe over the protocols the switch will support. Copy a set and adapt. There are posts on this forum covering this in more detail.

IMPORTANT: make a copy of any changes or additions - future updates from HPE will overwrite these with their defaults. After updates, restore your changes - or open a case with HP and convince them to add support.


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Re: IMC and switch


Thanks you  for the instructions ! I will test these configurations then I will see if it's work



Re: IMC and switch


Just want to mention that there is some support in the ICC Adapters for Alcatel-Lucent, but if you look at the scripts you can already see from the names that only TFTP is supported for most models, and FTP for some others.

For example:



Hence your error about SSH and TFTP makes sense, as there is no adapter for SCP in there and it must use TFTP.

You can check on the web GUI which of your switches support which protocols on Configuration Center > Options > Device Capability Set and you can set transfer protocol on a per-device basis via the File Transfer Mode tab.

Regarding login issues from IMC via Telnet, check to see if you need to enter a 'super' (often called "enable") password as well. IMC needs to be able to reach the full "enable" or "manager" CLI context on the switch.

Hope that helps.

Best regards,
Justin Guse

Working @ HPE