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IMC monitor uplink interface

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IMC monitor uplink interface



i want to monitor uplink interfaces in the IMC ,monitor CRC errors how is it able?
i created  port groups of uplinks. cant find how to add the correct monitors,

imc version plat 7.3



Re: IMC monitor uplink interface


Monitoring errors is possible with Performance Management component. Keep in mind that SNMP does not provide a CRC-error-specific counter, but rather has an overall error counter for each interface in both directions. for ifInErrors and for ifOutErrors.

To monitor your "uplinks only", you could go to Performance Management > Monitoring Settings and click on "Add Monitor". Select Monitoring Device, add all the devices on which you would like to monitor the errors, and select the Indexes related to interface errors.

The following pre-defined indexes exist to monitor errors with these OIDs in different ways:

  • System - Interface Statistics - Interface Sending/Receiving Error Proportion (%)
  • System - Other Interface Statistics - Number of Packets Sent/Received in Error (packets)
  • System - Other Interface Statistics - Number of Error Packets (packets)
  • System - Other Interface Statistics - Proportion of Error Packets on Interface (%)

Once you have selected at least one index and device, the Monitoring Settings appears and you can select which interfaces you want to monitor - Up interfaces that are connected to SNMP Devices or Servers (Devices discovered via SNMP as Server) are configured by default. You could change that to "Up physical interfaces" and only leave "Interfaces Connected to SNMP Devices" if you only want to monitor this on your uplink ports.

Hope that helps.

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Justin Guse

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Re: IMC monitor uplink interface


used System - Interface Statistics - Interface Sending/Receiving Error Proportion 

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Re: IMC monitor uplink interface

Alternatively if your switch support RMON statistics group, you can enable it on the appropriate interfaces for this specifc object (etherStatsCRCAlignErrors) and monitor it against Absolute or Delta threshold.

Then you can trigger an alarm to fire a SNMP trap when the threshold has been passed.

This will avoid the polling monitor traffic between IMC and the switch.